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Better Late Than Never, Southwest Starts Mobile Boarding Passes

June 6, 2014 at 9:07 AM | by | ()

We try our best not to pick on one airline, but let’s just say that there are airlines up with the latest in technology and then there are carriers like Southwest. Thankfully they’ve slowly but surely been catching up with what some of the other guys have to offer, as there’s now even WiFi aboard plenty of their flights. Now they’re finally pitching the paper and going electronic, as mobile boarding passes are finally an option across pretty much all of their flights.

Domestic flights to here and to there are now all offering up mobile boarding passes, so that’s good to know when you’re running late and still have to ditch the rental car back at the garage. It all arrives as part of an upgrade to their mobile app, as now goodies like itineraries, flight status updates, and your gate number can be accessed with just a tap or a swipe.

The new app—in both Android and Apple flavors—kicks into gear 24 hours before your flight, and that means you can check-in right on the phone in hopes of scoring a better boarding group.

Overall it’s nothing you haven’t seen before aboard other carriers, but it’s nice to know one of the nation’s biggest carriers has finally gotten things together when it comes to this kind of technology. Just remember to keep your phone nice and charged, or else it’ll be back to the ticket counter in order to print out a boarding pass the old fashioned way.

[Photo: Southwest via MacRumors]

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