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A New List of America's Top 10 Zoos Needs Some (Minor) Adjustments

June 5, 2014 at 5:45 PM | by | ()

Apparently USA Today owns something called 10Best. We don't know much about 10Best, except that it seems to publish travel-related Top 10 lists and its Twitter profile goes back to 2008. The division - we suppose it counts as a media division - also just published a list of the U.S.'s top 10 zoos.

That list, which was the result of four weeks of online voting and which we've reproduced below, is in a very precise sense obviously and straightforwardly incorrect.

1. Toledo Zoo - Toledo, Ohio

2. St. Louis Zoo - St. Louis

3. Cincinnati Zoo - Cincinnati

4. Memphis Zoo - Memphis

5. Columbus Zoo - Columbus, Ohio

6. Henry Doorly Zoo - Omaha

7. Houston Zoo - Houston

8. Brookfield Zoo - Chicago

9. Dallas Zoo - Dallas

10. San Diego Zoo & Safari Park - San Diego

Most of these zoos have been covered by Jaunted, some of them quite extensively. Toledo has repeatedly been featured in our holiday travel zoo posts. The St. Louis Zoo earns a post roughly once a year for its cyclical commitment to producing cute baby things. A story about a baby giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo is here. And so on.

But any list that has our beloved San Diego Zoo out of the top 3 is inherently suspect. In just the last few months the zoo and its affiliated San Diego Safari Park have opened a new tiger exhibit and debuted a new (adorably self-important [JPEG]) baby rhino calf. Someone went ahead and wrote an article actually headlined "San Diego Zoo: Pandas, polar bears and more animal attractions." We've embedded a video of their newish lion cubs at the bottom. #10 indeed.

Not on the list, by the by: the Tenerife zoo, on the Spanish island of the same name, where zookeepers just reportedly shot a guy in a gorilla suit, who may or may not have been part of a drill simulating a monkey escape. Reports are unclear on whether the tranquilized gentleman was actually wearing the suit, but one thing is certain: democracy is a funny little idea, isn't it?

[Photo: San Diego Zoo Safari Park / YouTube]

Archived Comments:

No Adjustments Needed

Perhaps you should re-read the linked article. There is nothing "suspect" about the order of the results because it was a Readers' Choice poll.

Additionally, why would a zoo on an island off the coast of Africa be on a poll about zoos in the United States?