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Why London's City Airport is Looking Better Than Ever

June 9, 2014 at 4:59 PM | by | ()

London’s smallest airport, London City-LCY, does a lot of things right; it’s close to the city and easily accessible by public transport, its size means passing through is quick and easy, and it manages to do the tiny things that make travel so much better well.

Having overhauled the pre-security area you find when you go up the single escalator to departures a little while ago, we saw some major changes to the pre-gate waiting area when we took a flight from City airport last week. Since you only make your way to your gate when it’s announced on the screen right before boarding, this is where you will spend most of your time before your flight. Above what it looks like today; a shot from a few months ago after the jump to compare.

What was previously one large space has been broken up by a video wall, with lighter colors brightening up the space. We will say that the ‘before’ photo was taken on a late Friday afternoon, also known as peak time for end-of-week Euro commuters and City professionals heading off to their weekend homes to be here; we rarely see it that busy (in fact, we only took the picture because we were surprised how packed out it was).

New furniture and tables provide additional workspace, with very welcome multi-country power points at nearly every seat.

We have a soft spot for LCY, not least among which for its awesome British Airways all-business class JFK service, so we’re happy to see it getting some love and attention. It offers huge convenience and a surprising range of destinations, including (seasonal) flights to the Mediterranean, so for getting around Europe we couldn’t recommend it enough.

[Photos: JasonD]

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