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Breaking: Why You're Going to Notice More Airport Security, And Probably Very Soon

June 30, 2014 at 9:13 AM | by | ()

Yesterday morning ABC News popped a story about a recent White House meeting - recent in the sense that it happened last week - in which top-level intelligence officials raised alarms about new threats to aiport security and airline security. Very short version: terrorists who have dug into Syria are reportedly working on a new generation of undetectable bombs, and so you will probably be feeling new security precautions both domestically and overseas. Happy Monday!

ABC got at least one source to worry "[this threat] is different and more disturbing than past aviation plots." Another talked about "creative" new bomb designs. The outlet also aired interviews on Sunday - which are embedded below, and included one with President Barack Obama - that were arguably even scarier.

The new and improved bomb making plot is linked to a subset of a group in Syria that is working with an offshoot of a group from Yemen, and is supercharged by the presence of foreign jihadists on the ground in Syria. They have foreign passports, which gives them access to US and European airliners. You can draw the rest of the picture on your own.

There are as always debates happening over whether the administration's threat assessments are overblown. There are the usual arguments about security theater from the right and left, plus there are really insidery discussions that involve who is setting up what, and with which regional actors. Judging by the people who went on the record with ABC - both Democratic and Republican - the situation certainly sounds scary enough.

In any case none of that will matter to travelers if the Department of Homeland Security decides to up its screening procedures. Earlier this year an advisory went out to airlines to look out for explosive-packed toothpaste tubes, cosmetics, and shoes. ABC reported that officials are now in the final stages of working out new measures for airports.

No one's clear on what those procedures will look like, but they'll reportedly include more random screenings, more targeted screenings - and also something more.

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