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Say So Long to Tigerair Mandala of Indonesia

Where: Indonesia
June 26, 2014 at 6:21 AM | by | ()

There’s many flavors of Tiger Airways from which to choose, as the low cost airline offers up a few different options while holding down headquarters over in Singapore. However, now there’s one less option, as over in Indonesia the carrier known as Tigerair Mandala will no longer be climbing to cruising altitude as of July 1.

Apparently the cash and fare funds weren’t exactly pouring in, and after thinking things over it was decided that it would be best to just shut things down. In a statement they provided the following reasoning and rationale, as to why things would no longer be heading up in the air. “Mandala wouldn't be able to sustain its operations and the airlines key shareholders decided to cease funding the carrier."

For those that are holding tickets and what not there’s a little bit of work needed to score a refund. First just note that all flights are scheduled to do their thing as planned, but the last flight will take place between Hong Kong and Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. Next, give a call to the Mandala call center at +62 (021) 2939-6688 or the Tigerair folks by the end of July, as refunds—or ticket transfers—might just be an option. The whole scoop is located right over here.

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