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One More Airline Will Offer In-Flight WiFi for Free

June 26, 2014 at 12:05 PM | by | ()

One of the world’s best airlines—based on livery appearance alone—is getting even better, as Nok Air is adding some switches, wires, and electronic doodads to improve the flying experience.

WiFi is scheduled to arrive is set to arrive at Nok Air sooner than later, and it sounds like Thaicom are the folks behind the in-flight Ku-band technology. Installations are moving quickly, and the system could be up and running as soon as this July or August. The plans are to start with six planes as soon as possible, and after that they’ll move into installations for 30 more.

The promises are already flying around, but it sounds like speed will be decent, around 8 Mbps. The best part is that the WiFi is going to complimentary for passengers, so no need to enter those credit card digits in exchange for a little connectivity. This follows JetBlue's free Fly-Fi offering as the second onboard connectivity to be complimentary.

[Photo: Anhedral]

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