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Could There Be a Hawaii Ashpocalypse on the Horizon?

June 24, 2014 at 11:22 AM | by | ()

There’s never a bad time to visit Hawaii, but now might be one of the best times to visit. However, for some, we could also see how now would be one of the worst times to visit. That’s because there’s been some rumblings, shakings, and other underground stuff happening with one of the state’s volcanoes.

Over in on the Big Island of Hawaii the volcano known as Mauna Loa may be getting ready to erupt for the first time in decades—the last eruption was way back in 1984.

Technically there’s no warning signs or other alerts that could signal an eruption anytime soon, but apparently there have been some instances of seismic activity recorded over at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory during the last year or so. We’re hardly armchair volcanologists, but that does means there's a tiny percent chance of a future ash cloud over Hawaii.

Larger warning signs are things like increasing carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide emissions, but so far those number are stable. For now it's business as usual over at Mauna Loa, but we can’t help but keep an eye out on things for the foreseeable future.

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"We're hardly armchair volcanologists..."

Basically you're saying that you don't know anything about this subject. So, why are you publishing this article without any sources?