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You've Got to See the Water Colors We Found in the Grand Canyon

June 26, 2014 at 1:48 PM | by | ()

View of the scenery along the Havasu River about a mile above Havasu Falls

When revealing what you should know before going to Havasupai, we posted a few photos featuring a trail that leads hikers to where the Havasu River meets the mighty Colorado. In today's gallery, we take you down the trail with us.

The hike is about 10 miles one way, winding you through a variety of ecosystems and geological features. The starting point is Havasupai Falls, and if you missed that gallery, you can catch up on it here.

Preparing to climb down to Mooney Falls

Climbing down to Mooney Falls via ropes and chains

One of the biggest surprises was the lush, Hawaii-esk vegetation we found in the Canyon

Make sure you remember your water shoes... there are lots of river crossings

Rock hopping over the large boulders

One of the most spectacular parts of the hike is at the end when the canyon narrows and the walls turn to a shade of light beige, contrasting beautifully against the turquoise water

Looking down into the narrow canyon... almost there...

The spot where the Havasu meets the Colorado River... notice the extreme color difference

The view of the might Colorado River at the end of the hike

[Photos: Will McGough]

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