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How to Get Tickets to the 2014 Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace

June 30, 2014 at 7:55 PM | by | ()

A little riddle for you: What costs $35 per person, doesn't allow you to take photographs, and is gold all over? Ding ding ding—the State Rooms at London's Buckingham Palace, which opens very soon for their annual round of public tours. To be specific, the Queen's address will accept visitors from July 26 - September 28, 2014.

As we've experienced in past years, travelers to London will be clamoring to get in, not only to tread on the Queen's lush carpets and gawk at heirlooms, but to view this year's exhibition on "The Royal Childhood" and what it's like to grow up living in a palace.

Tickets for walk-ups will be rare to nonexistent, so going online for guaranteed tix is the best route. Here's how to do it:

· Go to the Royal Collection Trust's official site and choose an available day and time of visit.
· If you can manage it, we suggest opting for one of the final entrance times, between 4 and 5:15pm. It's what we've always done, and the reason we love it is because we aren't rushed at all and every time we leave a room, we can look back to see it almost completely empty. Sometimes, we'll enjoy having grand staircases completely to ourselves while the final groups move on.
· Double check that you're buying tickets for the State Rooms, not the Queen's Gallery or the Royal Mews. Those are different things.
· Pay the £19.75 per adult fee for the State Rooms, or £28.50 per adult for the State Rooms and Gardens, or £34.50 for the State Rooms, Gardens, Royal Mews, and The Queen's Gallery. Each ticket will also incur a £1.25 processing fee.
· Show up a little early for your allotted visit time, in order to pick up your ticket. The visitor's entrance is on Buckingham Palace Road, on the Palace's south side.
#183; Hold onto your ticket stub, because it counts as a 1-year pass. This means you may return again and again during the 2014 dates, or strategically plan for a 2015 visit, should the dates work out.

And, when you eventually work up an appetite from viewing all the royal diadems, head into the palace's cafe for Buckingham Palace official ice cream. A sweet end to a special day.

Ticket? check.

The back of the Palace, facing the Palace Gardens.

[Photos: UK Ministry of Defense, Jaunted]

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