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San Diego's Newest Airline Lounge Welcomes One and All for Peace and Quiet

June 20, 2014 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Your travels to and through San Diego just got that much better, as there’s a new airport lounge now doing its thing at the airport. Airspace Lounge is a pay-to-play rest and relaxation zone for any and all travelers, so there’s no need to be a frequent flyer or hold some kind of special credit card to gain entry—although those with an American Express Platinum Card can visit for free.

The new lounge does its thing between Terminal 2 East and West at San Diego International Airport, and its location should be convenient for those traveling with as many as 12 different airlines.

Expect features like power outlets at every seat to charge your electronic this and that. They also offer up bits and bites to eat, a fully stocked bar, and restrooms complete with shower facilities. Of course complimentary WiFi goes without saying.

Access to the lounge starts at $25 per day, but things can shift around depending on demand. Finally, if you like what you see over in San Diego—Airspace Lounge also serves things up at the airports in New York-JFK, Baltimore-Washington, and Cleveland.

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