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Everything Old is New Again: Wooden Roller Coaster Debuts at Six Flags Great America

June 20, 2014 at 8:23 AM | by | ()

We’ve been awaiting its arrival since January of this year, and now it’s finally time for the roller coaster known as Goliath to make a debut.

This big and bad new coaster isn’t a usual hi-tech coaster offering either, as this thing is a wooden coaster—so expect all of that moving and shaking that goes along with a timber track. With its opening comes world records, as Goliath will feature the longest drop, the steepest drop, and the highest speed of any wooden coaster. Top speed is 72mph.

With those kind of top speeds barreling down the track will take just 90 seconds, as you twist and turn your way around the theme park.

All the fun takes place at Six Flags Great America outside of Chicago, so figure out how to make your way there as soon as possible—just save the corn dogs for after your ride.

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