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How Australia is Marketing Itself as One Big, Gourmet Restaurant

Where: Australia
June 2, 2014 at 1:18 PM | by | ()

Some destination ad campaigns can be brilliant in doing their job to inspire travel, while others are simply awful. Luckily for Tourism Australia, they've decided to go in a different direction from that full-frontal kangaroo, in favor of the country's delicious food and wine.

Themed as "Restaurant Australia," the 3-minute commercial equates the country to one big restaurant. The menu is the journey, with obligatory shots of Sydney Harbour, Melbourne's Laneways, Uluru, and the Great Barrier Reef interspersed with glossy close-ups of glorious seafood, sippable vintages and, of course, tender Aussie lamb, all set to a powerful soundtrack by Aboriginal musician, Dewayne Everettsmith.

Australia is ranked the second best food and wine experience behind France, so it makes sense to highlight everything visitors can do down under both on and off the plate. From shucking oysters on a table in the middle of a farm to lunching at the steps of the Opera House, there's a range of ways to enjoy a meal with a side of adventure.

On the whole, the advertisement welcomes visitors with open arms and makes any traveler feel like their sitting down to a family meal when touring through the country. We think it's pretty slick and actually makes us consider the 14-hour flight again, just to score that fresh lobster.

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