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New Airline Alert: What The Heck is 'Dreamjet?' Or is It 'La Compagnie?'

June 19, 2014 at 10:45 AM | by | ()

In short, "Dreamjet" is actually "La Compagnie," yet another all-business class carrier flying posh passengers from Europe to New York.

The details go like this: La Compagnie is a French start-up airline that plans to fly from Paris-Charles de Gaulle to Newark using the airline's only 757-200 to do the heavy lifting. The narrow-body will be outfitted with 80 angled lie-flat seats to make sure the 6-hour flight is as comfy as possible. The project is being called Dreamjet, but it's technically La Compagnie. Kinda confusing, huh?

Similar to the other recently announced all-biz carrier of Odyssey Airlines, Dreamjet is the brainchild of Frantz Yvelin, the same founder of L'Avion. In case you don't recall, L'Avion was an airline with the same concept as Dreamjet, and it operated from 2007 to 2009.

Right now, the applications are still with Uncle Sam, but if all goes well, the new carrier will be taking off sometime in July. So once the necessary paperwork gets the green light, passengers will not only reap the benefits of bigger seats with USB charging ports and personal entertainment Galaxy tablets while flying over the Atlantic, but will also fork over less cash to do so. Fares are proposed to be 30% and 50% lower than other flights on the same routes, and that's probably the best part of this news.

[Photo: La Compagnie Facebook]

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