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Donít Let the Disaster Fool You; Malaysia Airlines Does A Lot of Things Right

Where: Malaysia
June 20, 2014 at 11:24 AM | by | ()

Obviously, the press for Malaysia Airlines hasnít been the best of late given the on-going search for the unsolved mystery that is Flight 370. Making our way to Borneo this week, we flew the airline from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur (4 hours) and then on to Kuching (1.5 hours). Despite the unpleasant images that come with the mention of its name, we actually really enjoyed our experience flying Malaysia Air. In terms of its everyday flying policies and procedures, it does a lot of things right.

· Boarding Back to Front: After First Class, general boarding is conducted from the back of the plane to the front by row numbers. We like this approach for the way it prevents log jams in the aisles as you board and attempt to reach your seat.

· It Serves Meals, Even on Domestic Flights: We know this is a completely foreign policy considering only one U.S. airline still does it, but Malaysia Airlines gave us a meal both on our flight from Hong Kong to KL (chicken or fish with rice) as well as from KL to Kuching (turkey or chicken salad sandwich). Typically, on flights over an hour, the airline will serve a meal.

· Its Planes Are New, Nice, and Equipped: Malaysia Airlines has a really nice fleet, the new B737s sporting leather seats and seatback in-flight entertainment. Even on our short flight from KL to Kuching, we could watch television, movies, and access a big music selection.

· The Flight Attendants Dress the Part: This one is a matter of opinion, but we dig the colorful, dress-like flight attendant uniforms, very sleek and, in a non-threatening way, sexy.

Next time youíre cruising around Southeast Asia, donít be afraid to give Malaysia Airlines a chance and experience some of this for yourself. We think youíll be pleasantly surprised.

[Photo: Malaysia Airlines]

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