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Egypt Tourism Hits Back with New Tourist Tax

Where: Egypt
June 18, 2014 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

The situation over in Egypt may be much improved, but that doesnít mean that the tourists have flooded right back into the Valley of the Kings and beyond.

Unfortunately, Egypt just added another reason to stay away; itís going to cost you a little bit more to visit, as the country is adding on something which pretty much can be summarized as a tourist tax. Those departing the country now face a fee of around $25, but donít worry about paying up at the airport. The amount will be added into your airfare and ticket purchase, so you'll likely not even realize the extra bit of cash.

Those arriving into the country already have to pay up for the right to visit, as most are on the line for $15 as part of an entrance visa. Things depend on the country that you call home, but basically youíre looking at least another $40 just to head in and head out of Egypt. Sure itís a small price to pay if visiting is on your must-visit list, but for a country thatís dealing with a drop in tourism and visitorsóanother tax probably isnít the best of ideas.

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