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Just in Time for Summer, Washington Welcomes a New Ferry

June 19, 2014 at 8:51 AM | by | ()

There’s more than just the San Juan Islands when it comes to escaping for a little rest and relaxation out in the Pacific Northwest, and now there’s a new ferry to help you escape for the weekend, the season, or just the workday.

Those in search of the awesomeness that is new ferry smell should set their sights on Whidbey Island, as there’s some new back and forth service thanks to Tokitae.

It’s just the newest ship in the state’s fleet of over 20 different vessels, and it cost a cool $144 million to build and construct—with plenty of the pieces being put together right in Washington.

Officials promise that the new ride will be cheaper, safer, and more efficient than its predecessors, and of course the new boat comes with some modern day improvements and features—think more welcoming stairwells, WiFi access, fireproofing, 6,000 horsepower, and room for almost 150 cars.

If you’re eager to take things for a ride expect to pay about $5 per adult and $20 per car, but check out the Washington State Department of Transportation site to get the full scoop.

[Photo: WSDOT]

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