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Visit This Website Before Your Next Trip Through LAX

June 17, 2014 at 2:30 PM | by | ()

We told you to expect some frustrations and disruptions at LAX over the next few years as it remodels, but the good news is that we're already starting to see the benefits of the modernization in the form of new restaurants, shops, lounges, aesthetics, and other conveniences, such as new checkpoints, baggage screening, and gate designs.

We've seen firsthand how nice the Tom Bradley International Terminal turned out to be, and if you'd like to know what's going on and what to look for next time you fly through, LAX has designed a website to keep you in the loop.

Sporting the catchy tagline "Now We're Flying," LAXisHappening.com neatly organizes all the progress being made. You can see videos and photos of the different projects in process, and you can also read about the finished products opening up throughout the terminals, including where to eat, lounge, and shop during your layover. The site also shares news clips and tips as well as traffic information.

For those more prone to social media, the hashtag #LAXHappening is a good source for constant updates, as is the airport's Facebook page.

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