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PEOPLExpress' First Flight Deals Go Out on Facebook

June 13, 2014 at 10:24 AM | by | ()

In case you missed the news, know that PEOPLExpress is heading into the skies above the nifty fifty once again, and tickets for the new low-cost carrier are definitely budget-friendly. If you don't completely trust a brand new airline enough to give them your vacation money, we understand, which is why following them and their deals on social media is a solid idea.

PEOPLExpress is already busy doing their thing over on Facebook, and you can head over there to see what they’re up to. Unfortunately, we don’t see any current promotions, contests, or other deals right now—but there is a good-looking picture of their plane in its white and green livery. The other day, however, their Facebook page teased a $40 discount, so long as those who wanted to book called into the 844-4FLYPEX number and mentioned it. No idea if they’ll do this again, but it might be worth it to keep an eye out.

Over on Twitter they’re hard at work as well—find them @PEOPLExpressAir. There’s plenty of self-promotion, but we’re not sure if you really want to re-watch a clip of airline head honchos talking about this and that over on Fox News. Just like over on Facebook, they have offered up the $40 discount on airfare, so they’re probably worth a follow as well.

We’ll assume the viral videos and sky selfies are coming sooner than later, but in the interim we’d give them a like or a follow—$40 off makes those $79 tickets irresistibly cheap.

[Photo: PEOPLExpress]

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