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Inside the Amenity Kit: Vietnam Airlines Business Class to Ho Chi Minh City

Where: Vietnam
June 13, 2014 at 10:42 AM | by | ()

We come across some downright awesome airline amenity kits in our travels, and the surprises of each zippered pouch can often make or break comfort on a premium flight. With this in mind, here's to our new series: Inside the Amenity Kit, wherein we unzip, unwrap, and expose the loot inside:

Although, Vietnam Airlines doesn't land on any US soil right now, hopping one of their SkyTeam partners to Asia puts the wonderment and warmth of Vietnam only one stop away.

We've talked about the never ending meal service on our flight from Australia to Ho Chi Minh City, and now it's time to crack open the toiletry bag which greeted us upon reaching our seat.

The small, gold-toned pouch bears the brand name of Parisian perfumery, Ugo Vanelli. Its job is to ensure our 9-hour flight is as comfy as possible and, although it wasn't chock-full of potions and lotions, it did have just the perfect amount of toiletries for the flight. We wonder if calling upon a French brand is a nod to the French colonial days of the Southeast Asian nation.

Here's what's inside:

· Ugo Vanelli body lotion
· Ugo Vanelli lip balm
· travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste
· eye mask
· cotton socks

Sadly, airline branding is pretty limited on this one, with a screen-printed airline stamp on the inside and not one golden lotus logo to be seen. One great feature of the pouch is the compact size, ideal for packing chargers and connections or even some travel-sized toiletries for future flights.

[Photo: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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no logo?

It's paradoxical that the things they give away have no logo however all the things we shouldn't steal has logo's.