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Happy Pride Month! Book a Trip with These Gay-Friendly Travel Websites

June 12, 2014 at 10:04 AM | by | ()

It's already nearly mid-June and thus well into the season for donning some rainbow hues and head out in the the "wild pink yonder" to Gay Pride festivals all over the country. Even if the parades, floats, and glitter are not your thing, it's important to recognize that now is also the time travel companies market extra hard for your dollar.

Sure, it's simple to book a regular flight, train trip, or even cruise without having to proclaim your sexuality, but it's good to have options.

Here's your one-stop reference for websites of airlines, trains, and cruise lines specifically dedicated for the gay traveler:

· Alaska Airlines
Our northern most airline not only offers travel inspiration for gay travelers, but offers discounts to members of the LBGT community. To have a gay ol' time north of the border, head to their website and check out the deals.

· American Airlines
One of the most gay-friendly airlines in the US, AA has been given a top score in the Human Rights Campaign for their friendly policies. Their Rainbow Pride is a place to plan, book and read about new destinations.

· Amtrak
Yes, even a train company has a gay-friendly spin. Ride with Pride is the fun name for their site and it even features a blog about where to find the best gay 'hoods along the way.

· Atlantis
Originally started as a privately chartered cruise outfit, Atlantis (not associated with the Bahamian resort) has grown to be one of the largest gay-owned and operated tour companies in the world. While docking in ports around the world, Atlantis also offer resort holidays for working on the tan.

· Cruise lines
While no specific cruise lines have special websites for gay and lesbian travelers, some are more welcoming with special mixers and social activities onboard for those interested. Norwegian, Crystal, Cunard and more all host LGBT get-togethers to get to know fellow travelers, and have even hosted all-gay charters in the past. Looking for something more tailored? See Atlantis above.

· Delta
As partial sponsors of many pride events around the globe, Delta will get you there in style. Their website is filled with hot tips for most of the cities in the airline's route map.

· Jetblue
While the cheeky airline doesn't have a specific site for gay travelers to visit, Jetblue does sponsor the Long Beach Pride Parade, so if you're on the West Coast, swap the beads for some wings.

· United Airlines
Like Jetblue, United doesn't have a dedicated website, but they do partner with International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association to help out with itinereries for their gayest destinations.

· Virgin America
Their cabin atmosphere is regularly compared to a disco (that moodlighting!), but Virgin America doesn't set aside a special portion of their website for gay travel. Instead, all are welcome all the time with the same travel specials. Virgin America is also an official sponsor of San Francisco Pride, as well as AIDS/Lifecycle and the GLAAD Media Awards.

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