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Icelandair's Latest Safety Video Doubles as Travel Porn

Where: Iceland
June 11, 2014 at 9:44 AM | by | ()

We have long been fans of the airline safety video, and from the funny to the serious we’ve got a spot in our travel hearts for each and every one of them. The latest one on our must-watch list is the new update from the folks over at Icelandair.

No jokes or Icelandic humor here, but what things do reveal are some of the awesome sights, sounds, and scenery all available over in Iceland. Safety videos usually don’t double as a tourism advertisement, but in this case it kind of does.

We watch as a woman does her thing trekking across the country, and some of her actions and adventures double as ways to show off some of the safety stuff—jumping off a waterfall is just like sliding down the emergency exit.

Take a break for a few minutes and check things out, and if you’re short on time skip ahead to around 45 seconds into the video. Then go ahead and book that trip to Iceland this summer—sunset tonight in Reykjavik is at 11:53.

[Photo: markyharky]

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