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Throwback Thursday: A Look at the Former PEOPLExpress

June 12, 2014 at 11:05 AM | by | ()

For this edition of Throwback Thursday let’s go back to a time where there was no high definition, no streaming content, and definitely no in-flight WiFi—the 1980s. With PEOPLExpress back in the news we figured we’d take a look at what was going on decades ago, and the best part is that their fares haven't much increased in price.

Here’s a couple vintage advertisements that may or may not have first aired before we were teething. One touts the straightforward approach of the airline, and how they’re free from the “double-talk” of some other carriers. The other shows off some $59 and $79 fares to and from New York.

We’re still on the fence regarding the rebirth and restart of PEOPLExpress in Newport News, but deep down we truly hope they update these ads and hit the airwaves with new and successful commercials. If not—at least we’ll always have YouTube to document their trials and tribulations for future generations.

[Images / Video: YouTube]

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