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Expedia Sees a Trip to Paris as the Answer to Life's Problems

Where: Paris, France
June 10, 2014 at 3:55 PM | by | ()

A few years ago Google published an ad about finding love in Paris, which ended with a guy...well, finding love in Paris. The purpose of the spot was to highlight all of the different things you can find by using the search engine (information, flights, locations) and it was widely acknowledged as a successful bit of advertising that left everybody with a nice, pleasant feeling.

This new video that just came out from Expedia Mexico is the opposite of that. We're not saying that it doesn't work—it definitely makes us want to travel to France, as France-themed travel advertising ought to do—but it's not exactly designed to generate warm fuzzies. Crushing regret is closer to what this commercial seems to be aiming for.

As a narrative, the new Expedia ad is simple enough. As human beings we live, we travel, we love, and in the end we all die alone. We can make some better or worse choices along the way, and going on trips will help a little, and human beings should definitely continue pursuing meaningful experiences and forming human connections.

But know this: one way or another, even in the best of circumstances, in the end there's nothing but a void filled with sadness and loneliness. So Bon Voyage!

We've embedded both of the spots below (old Google vid on bottom, new Expedia vid on top). Compare and contrast, won't you now?

Via AdWeek.

[Photo: Expedia / AdWeek]

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