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Geronimo! The Most Scenic Skydiving Destinations in the United States

June 16, 2014 at 10:37 AM | by | ()

Since the physical rush of skydiving is bound to occur regardless of your location, the components of a good skydiving destination are found more in the surroundings than in the act of jumping itself. Aka, the scenery.

Why jump out of a perfectly good plane? One answer is the view. After the first ten seconds of freefall, everything begins to calm down as you reach terminal velocity. Suddenly, it doesn't feel like you're falling - it feels like you're floating in a wind tunnel. Aided by your guide who will point out major landmarks, the perspective and outlook over the landscape below is absolutely amazing. Once the parachute is open and you gently descend back to earth, the ground gets closer and the scenery begins to engulf you, a calm complement to the rush of the plunge.

If you're sold on making the ultimate leap of faith this summer, here are five of the most picturesque mainland destinations for your consideration:

Santa Barbara, California

Skydive Santa Barbara makes its home about 40 minutes north in the small town of Lompoc, providing jumpers with a combination of ocean, mountain, rural, and wine country views. Another benefit of the latter: You have somewhere to pass the time if you have to sit through a wind delay.

Sedona, Arizona

For all the criticism the desert takes for its climate, it sure as hell doesn't get enough credit for its unbelievable scenery. The red rock landscape contains some of the most unique natural formations found in our country, and a bird's eye view is sure to hammer that home. Take the leap of faith from Cottonwood, 19 miles southwest of Sedona.

Finger Lakes, New York

The rolling hills of vineyards, large lakes, pockets of forests, and rural farmland are what stick out in Upstate New York. With the possibility of seeing multiple lakes in the distance, it seems like the perfect way for those in New York City to shake up city life.

Zion National Park, Utah

You've got to spend a few days hiking around Zion, but to really appreciate how large it is (229-square miles) and the size of the canyons, jump out of a plane and look down upon it as you fall. Sounds reasonable enough, right?

Sebastian, Florida

Just under 100 miles southeast of Orlando sits Sebastian, one of the country's most appealing skydiving locations for those seeking a coastal jump. Notice the different shades of blue, the drama of the Intracoastal Waterway, the beaches, and all the small bays and inlets. Picture perfect.

[Photos: Flickr/Facebook/Red Rocks Skydiving/Jimmy Tavino/Facebook/Facebook]

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