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VIA Rail Canada Unveils New 'Prestige Class' Train Cabins

Where: Canada
June 2, 2014 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Just over a week ago, we gave you 11 benefits that train travel still has over the airline experience. Right on time, VIA Rail, Canada's national rail network, revealed the results of a $1 billion government investment in the form of a new "Prestige Class" on the Canadian, one of the network's flagship trains that runs between Toronto and Vancouver.

As the name would suggest, the highlights of the new Prestige Class provide passengers with a luxury experience, including personalized service, a cabin with 50% more space and bigger windows compared to the Sleeper Plus class, private bathroom with shower, flat-screen TV with on-demand, and a minibar. We're assuming that meals are also included in the rate (as they are for the Sleeper Plus Class), but those details have yet to come out. The first two photos in this post show the bedroom and sitting area of the new cabins, and you can take a virtual tour here.

The investment also went towards revamping other trains in the fleet. In the final photo, the new business class car from the Quebec - Windsor route is shown. Dining and economy cars on a variety of other routes were also retouched.

Not surprisingly, this all comes just in time for the summer season, when coast-to-coast trips are a popular tourist attraction. Back in 2012, our sista HotelChatter found VIA Rail sleeper cabins on the Canadian to be a great experience, so we assume the upgrade will only make it better. Train cabins, after all, are like mini-hotels on wheels when done correctly.

Set to launch in 2015, we'll keep an eye on rates and other details that emerge between now and then.

[Photos: VIA Rail]

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