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The Tiny Island of Montserrat Has a Big Plan for Tourism Development

June 2, 2014 at 11:03 AM | by | ()

View from the Blackwood Allen hiking trail

Montserrat, a British Territory located in the Lesser Antilles, was hit hard in the late-80s and mid-90s by a hurricane and a volcanic eruption that left the island in a state of disarray. Tourists stopped coming, and the locals were left to pick up the pieces and rebuild. Now, almost two decades later, the 70 square-mile Montserrat is ready to get back on the tourism map.

In a recent public relations release, the island put out a wide call for investors and presented a variety of opportunities for consideration, from hotel projects and residences to property within the capital town and marina. Montserrat has set up a website where potential investors can learn more about what's available and the current state of the island.

The terrain of Montserrat will appeal to both beach lovers and adventure travelers, a good mix of rocky coastlines, wildlife, and waterfalls to go along with soft-sand beaches. We wish Montserrat luck in gaining traction, but as with all attempts at tourism, this is a complete "be careful what you wish for" type of strategy, as tourism investments that bring people and money in the short term can result in the extinction of culture in the long run if not implemented carefully (cough, Cancun).

That said, it's inspiring to see the island rebound after going through two devastating natural disasters. For a little more perspective, it's important to understand that after the eruption, the southern part of the island was closed, and nearly half the population left for the mainland.

After reading about that story, one would have to figure that wherever they end up in terms of tourism is better than where they were twenty years ago.

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