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New Routes Arrive and Depart from Delta, JetBlue, and Korean

May 9, 2014 at 8:39 AM | by | ()

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of all the new route announcements that come our way, so we’ve complied a little bit of a rundown below. As long as you can afford the fares, this should definitely help add to your passport stamp collection.

· Delta:
Planes are people are heading south of the border later this year, as Delta is getting ready to launch some new nonstop flights to Mexico. The plan is to link Los Angeles with Mazatlan just in time for Santa's big day, as things are scheduled to hit the skies on December 20. Boeing 737-800s will be responsible for the flying fun each and every day of the week. Things seem to be a seasonal flight at first, but it does sound like Delta will keep things flying if the demand is there. If Los Angeles isn’t really convenient to where you call home—no problem—Delta also does the nonstop thing to Mazatlan from Minneapolis-St. Paul.

· JetBlue:
It’s never too early to start planning your trip home for the holidays, and thankfully JetBlue is already doing exactly that. They have a new nonstop option scheduled to start up on November 12, as they’ll be sending their blue planes and blue chips between Orlando and Salt Lake City. JetBlue does plenty of takeoffs and landings from Orlando, and this flight to Utah is destination number 24 departing from the theme park capital of the world. To celebrate the new flights JetBlue is even offering up one-way fares for as low as $89 on certain days between November 12 and December 16, but just note that you need to book by May 15 to take advantage of the offer.

· Korean Air:
Big news this week over at the airport down in Houston, as the area’s Bush Intercontinental Airport just welcomed Korean Air along with some new nonstop options over to South Korea. The new flights took off on May 2, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Back and forth options are available each and every day, as the airliner takes off from Houston on its way to Seoul-Incheon. Boeing 777-200s—along with the flight crew—are responsible for the up in the air activities with flights leaving Houston at around 10:40am and arriving over in Seoul at 3:30pm the following day—local time.

· Qantas:
Okay so this is not exactly a new route, but we thought the airplane switcheroo was worth mentioning. Qantas does a really long nonstop flight between Dallas-Ft. Worth and Sydney, but later this year they’ll be sending the Boeing 747s back to the hangar in favor of flying the route with some Airbus A380s. As of this week it seems that September 29 will be the day the bigger birds will start serving the nonstop flights, so start checking those award calendars to cash in some of those frequent flyer miles. Qantas is going to be the first to operate the A380 in and out of Dallas-Ft. Worth, but they won’t be the only ones doing the A380 thing for long—Emirates brings their A380 nonstop to the airport days later with service to Dubai. The only bummer is that A380 service will just be six days a week, as the carrier is going to take a day off on Tuesdays.

· American Airlines:
The new carrier that is the combined American Airlines and US Airways is getting ready to add a few more options to their route network this fall. The plan has nonstop options heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan from both Charlotte and Philadelphia beginning on September 3. After that it’s October 2 when more flights will be rising towards cruising altitude, as spots like Evansville and Fort Wayne—both in Indiana—will get nonstop flights out of Charlotte. Other options include Dallas-Ft. Worth to Bismarck, North Dakota, as well Phoenix to Cleveland. If you need more information, head right here to get the juicy airplane details on these new options.

[Photos: InSapphoWeTrust & Kentaro IEMOTO@Tokyo]

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