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Why Alaska Airlines is Spending Millions on Bicycles

May 9, 2014 at 10:58 AM | by | ()

Alaska Airlines is spreading its wings and venturing into another mode of transportation, as they’re kind of getting into the bicycle business. In actuality it’s more of a sponsorship deal—advertising their main business of flying to here and there—as they’re chipping in $2.5 million to help get the Seattle metro area’s bike share up and running later this year.

Pronto Emerald City Cycle Share will be similar to bike sharing systems set up in cities across the country and the globe, so we don’t bore your with all the nitty gritty details. Do note that organizers recognize that the city is a little more hilly than other metro areas, and they’re preparing the rental bikes to have a few more gears than in other cities and systems—seven to be exact.

Pricing will start at $8 per day, and things vary depending on rental length and how long you’ll be using the system. Just be sure to bring along a helmet—or rent one for a couple of bucks—as King County has some rules and regulations in place to require that all bicyclists wear something to protect the ol’ noggin. There will be 50 stations initially, and it looks like around 500 bikes from which to pedal and ride. Unfortunately—someone did ask during the press conference—there will be no bikes offered up at the airport.

As for Alaska Airlines their name will be nicely slapped along the side of the bikes, as you can see in the picture above. There’s even a place for a smaller logo right on the front of the bicycle, so the airline is certainly getting their money’s worth. Let’s just hope the system takes off, and that Alaska Airlines gets back something for this substatntial investment—that’s quite a chunk of change.

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