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There are So Many Baby Animals at the DC Zoo Right Now

May 8, 2014 at 6:21 PM | by | ()

Washington DC has now had sunshine without rain for almost 24 hours straight, so that's enough for us to declare that winter is over and the unbearable humidity of summer can begin. As always during the summer months - and we actually flag this transition for you every year - that means we're going to stray from travel politics stories and into the occasional zoo travel roundup. Partly it's because nothing happens in Washington during the summer and we need content. But really it's because, by the time May hits, we just can't take these people any more. If you want to mark the precise moment we broke this year, in fact, here's the exact post from last week about the TSA.

Meanwhile the Smithsonian's National Zoo, which is across the street from Jaunted's DC headquarters, is overflowing with baby animals. So let's talk about them instead, shall we? Videos embedded at the bottom.

Most famously, of course, is the new panda Bao Bao. A video released by the zoo showing her climbing a tree recently made the news. Not her being born. Literally the first time she climbed into a tree. Reporters who no doubt went to school for this sort of thing covered that as a story. If you look at the write-up you'll notice that the outlet actually had two different journalists to the scene. That's how this town feels about that particular cub.

In other actual, reported news - and this one made it all the way to the Washington Post - the zoo's four baby lions passed their first swim test this week. They're getting big enough to go on exhibit, and the lion enclosure has a moat. So zookeepers needed to make sure the cubs wouldn't drown if they got pushed into that moat. One zookeeper got to wade into the water with the baby lions to keep them in the shallow area, because her job are better than yours.

Then there's a new baby sloth bear, who was also recently accompanied by her keepers for a trip into her exhibit. DCist wrote it up under the headline "This Sloth Bear Cub Went Outside So You Could Have Something Cute To Look At." Quite so.

Panda baby:

Lion babies:

[Photo: Jen Zoon, Smithsonian's National Zoo via DCist]

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