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Play Pilot and Win Free British Airways Flights (Again!)

May 8, 2014 at 3:20 PM | by | ()

How badly do you want to win free airline tickets? Perhaps bad enough to wait in a line during your commute and bite your lip while flying a British Airways Boeing 777 simulator to several BA tropical destinations? Hopefully you've answered "of course," because that's exactly what's in store for intrepid travelers heading through London's Victoria Station this week.

The promotion, which gives away an unbelievable amount of free flights, returns after a successful run in early 2013, which we wrote about then:

It’s not a state of the art simulator, of course. This is more the kind you’d see in an arcade game. Every day this week, it’ll be loaded with a different airport approach, and your job is to land the plane. That alone is fun enough. But here’s the best bit: every 15 minutes, the person with the highest score in those 15 minutes will win a pair of flights to the airport in question. Yes – they’re giving away 60 flights a day. This is inspired.

We didn't wait out turn to play since the line just before evening rush hour was already at least a 40-minute wait, but we did observe long enough to discover that today's airport destination is the tropical tarmac of St. Lucia, an island in the Caribbean. By BA convincing Londoners to concentrate really hard on one of their destinations, the seed to travel to that place is planted. Win or lose, you're now thinking about flying to St. Lucia. Too bad the tickets are for a different island.

The London Evening Standard spoke with some of the winners, one of which was a repeat winner, having scored tickets to Sri Lanka during last year's sim contest.

To try your hand on the controls, visit the center of Victoria Train Station between 8am and 8pm. They'll definitely be active tomorrow (Friday), but no word on when the sim is turned off or if it'll reappear to give away more tickets in 2015.

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