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Airlines Haven't Put Away the Decks of Playing Cards Just Yet

May 7, 2014 at 3:01 PM | by | ()

Service on airplanes these days barely includes a soft drink or a bag of pretzels, much less any other little perks to improve comfort. One such perk to nearly bite the dust are branded playing cards, a method of passing the hours before iPads and in-flight movies existed.

There are a few airlines that stock decks of cards for passengers, although generally only available to their big spenders in the first and business class cabins or "by request."

Here's a list of airlines that still give away decks of cards:

· Emirates offers A380-themed cards to their first and business class flyers on the super jumbo.

· EVA Air gives away Hello Kitty cards on, you guessed it, their Hello Kitty Plane.

· Singapore Airlines will hand over a deck if you ask very nicely.

· China Airlines has handed out special 50th anniversary decks in 2009 and has continue to offer then since.

· ANA will also provide a full deck if you ask nicely.

· Thai Airways only gives away cards on their A380s.

· United Airlines offered decks of cards on the inaugural Dreamliner flights from Denver to Japan.

· Fiji Airways sells the decks in their inflight catalog for $2 FJD.

· Aer Lingus trades 4 Euros for a deck of cards.

Got your hands on a deck? If you're not fussed, remember that someone on ebay may be interested.

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