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Inside Cathay Pacific's New 'The Bridge' Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport

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Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok airport is not a bad place to spend a few hours pre-departure. In fact, it’s high on our list of favorite airports around, especially if you’re flying in a premium cabin on Cathay Pacific or another oneworld airline for the excellent airline lounge options. We just took you inside a private Cabana in the flagship “The Wing” First Class lounge and are continuing with the latest Cathay addition: “The Bridge”.

With “The Wing,” “The Pier,” and “The Cabin,” you’d think Cathay wouldn’t need another airline lounge, but they went ahead and did it anyway, opening “The Bridge” late last year. The lounge is located at the far end of the terminal, just after gates 35 and 36, "bridging" the base of the Y that the building splits into at this point.

The Bridge is a combined business & first class lounge, and depending on your departure gate it might be a bit of a longer walk / detour, but we’d likely seek out The Bridge regardless of proximity to our gate the next time we’re in Hong Kong – read on to find out why.

To find the entrance, look for The Bridge sign over your head and the Cathay emblem just before the escalators, which will take you down to a long reception desk in the airline’s signature light Carrara marble. The lounge spreads over a giant 27,500+ square feet, split in two parts: turn right for The Bakery and the Long Bar, turn left for the Coffee Loft and the IT Zone.

Both sides have a beautiful sculpture at the entrance and start with a large lounge area. While a key aspect of a lounge like The Wing is its "balcony" aspect, being open to the terminal and its soaring roof, The Bridge doesn’t have this. We might actually prefer it that way; it means blissful silence – no boarding calls, no ambient noise, nothing but a soft piano piece playing in the background. It was exactly the kind of atmosphere we love an airline lounge for, and The Bridge was deserted compared to the packed First Class section of The Wing.

The Bakery is the dining room and serves a range of different dishes, but as the name hints at focuses on fresh bread and pizzas.

Just a bit further down is the Long Bar, which serves drinks and hot and cold tapas.

If you prefer something other than a bar stool, just behind the Long Bar is a large lounge area. This side of The Bridge also has a separate TV lounge with a giant sectional sofa that encourages lying down and stretching out – which a number of passengers were doing.

The Coffee Loft was deserted as it was late at night, but during the morning hours we’re sure its coffee, tea, and pastries (very much like the Coffee Loft in the business class section of The Wing) are very popular. There is also The Bistro, a self-serve restaurant area.

The IT Zone is next door, which mixes desks that you can work on with your own equipment with a number with fully set up iMacs. Just before stepping into the IT Zone is the entrance to the Shower Suites.

To get access to The Bridge lounge, you’ll need a Business or First Class ticket on Cathay Pacific or another oneworld airline that has arranged access for its passengers to Cathay’s lounges, or hold Sapphire status or above with any oneworld airline.

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