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Safari Beer and Elephant's Snacks: What to Drink in Kenya

Where: Kenya
May 5, 2014 at 5:29 PM | by | ()

You know that you go to Kenya to digest the wildlife and the culture, but what should you wash it down with? In this addition of Monday, Five Thirty, we check out the common cocktails you’ll want to try during your trip:

Dawa Cocktails

The word “dawa” means “medicine” in Swahili, and this combination of gin, honey, and lime will definitely do wonders for your spirits. Most of the honey sinks to the bottom, so be sure to stir as you go. With the honey and the lime juice hiding the bite of the gin, this is a cocktail that goes down easy and tends to sneak up on you, earning it a reputation as a healer of whatever ails you.

Tusker Lager

Brewed in Nairobi, its light lager body and low alcohol content (4.2%) makes Tusker a great beer to drink during the heat of the day and on safari game drives. It is the top selling brew in East Africa and available everywhere and anywhere throughout the country.


Think of Amarula as the Bailey's of Kenya, very thick and milky in appearance with hints of caramel in the taste. It is made from the fruit of the marula tree, which is eaten by elephants as a snack. Try this after-dinner sipper over ice or in coffee.

Dorman Coffee and Kenya Black Tea

For you non-alcoholic types, try a cup of Kenyan coffee from one of the country’s largest producers, Dorman’s. But if you want to drink like the locals, Kenyan Black Tea is the way to go, as it is by far the most popular hot breakfast beverage and one of Kenya's top exports.

[Photos: Will McGough/Flickr/Amarula/Lilinha]

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