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Before and After: Piscine Molitor Is Ready For Swimming Once Again in Paris

Where: Paris, France
May 30, 2014 at 10:51 AM | by | ()

For those headed to Paris this summer, we have something else that you can add to your must-see list, as the city’s Piscine Molitor is back and better than ever. Over 25 years have passed since the public swimming pool was closed and turned into a canvas for graffiti artists, but now things are ready to welcome swimmers once again.

Head over to The Verge to read even more, as they have a great rundown of the before and after—as well as some great pictures of how things have changed over the decades.

The place was closed back in 1989, as there were plans to replace things with a new housing development. Well that never really happened, and spray paint kind of became the pool’s main attraction. Years later, over $100 million has been poured into the project to renovate and rescue the facility, and it just reopened as part club, part pool, and part hotel all while retaining a little Art Deco love.

If you have a chance to visit, it’s not just the pool and the architecture that’s the attraction, as there’s now a spa, a gym, and bar right on the roof. Pricing might be the only drawback of what’s been done here, as a day in the pool can set you back as much as $245. So if you're in the neighborhood—it calls the 16th arrondissement home—swing by and check things out while it still has its new pool smell.

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