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The Newest Airline with Checked Baggage Fees Goes North of the Border

Where: Canada
May 29, 2014 at 9:50 AM | by | ()

Now and then we have shared some praise for the planes and people over at Porter Airlines, but today we’ve got a little bit of bad news. Plenty of the in-flight freebies and customer service are still there, but it looks like bringing that bag along is going to cost you—and it’s a first for carriers up in Canada.

Baggage fees have crossed the border, and Porter Airlines is the first carrier to start implementing them on routes within Canada. Domestic travelers will have to shell out $25 for the right to check their first bag, but fortunately it does look like carry-on bags will continue to be complimentary.

Porter Airlines makes it sound like the fees and charges are necessary for them to stay competitive in the market with their fares, and you know we can’t really blame them for that kind of argument. It’s hardly a new concept, and it’s difficult to ignore what a whole bunch of baggage fees can do to the lines, charts, and graphs on your company’s PowerPoint presentation.

Carriers like Air Canada already charge for flights heading into the Untied States, but for now flights doing their thing across the Great White North are safe; however, we can only imagine the checked baggage fee will arrive and remain in Canada—bummer, eh?

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