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New Site Helps Travelers Make Budget Bus Decisions

May 29, 2014 at 10:49 AM | by | ()

There’s plenty of budget bus lines running routes across the globe, and now there’s one group looking to connect them in hopes of helping us all out. BusBud is the movement behind this idea, and they’re doing their thing to connect and link up the loads of different options and connections.

BusBud does the searching for you, so that means you can connect between two cities that usually aren’t an option when only searching one line or one operator. Results are consolidated in a neat and shiny package—their website—and the fares are offered up in the local currency. That’s especially handy as BusBud searches in North America as well as Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The startup has only been around for less than a year, but they are already busy selling tickets in across 10,000 cities in like 90 countries. They’re trying to build more and more relationships, as for example; they are in the middle of wheeling and dealing with the folks from Greyhound—that’d be quite a catch.

Things are based up in Montreal, and they’re even looking for a few good men and women to fill a few cubicles. Keep an eye on BusBud, as we have a good feeling about them. In the interim test things out, add a city pair, and head somewhere by bus this summer.

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Archived Comments:

budbud abd central america

This site does not have central american cities. I tried Guat City, Flores, Belize City, Panama City and more.

BudBus in USA

Have never tried this site before. I attend mcgill but am originally from the US. Based on my first few searches, it does not look like they yield very good results in the USA. A bit better in canada. Are there other sites like this? I've been looking for something to travel the USA.


I've used a site called Wanderu to travel from boston to new york. <a href="http://www.wanderu.com/cheap-bus-tickets/boston-ma-to-new-york-ny">http://www.wanderu.com/cheap-bus-tickets/boston-ma-to-new-york-ny</a> They seem to pick up pretty much all the bus trips out there. Too bad they do not offer discounts but seeing as I don't really care which bus company to travel with, I always find a good deal from one of the bus companies on there. Have tried Greyhound, Megabus and BoltBus so far.

Coaches and buses

National Express do a decent budget bus and coach lines around the UK!

<a href="http://www.number-direct.co.uk/national-express-contact-number/">http://www.number-direct.co.uk/national-express-contact-number/</a>