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Travel App Review: 'Rotten WiFi' Locates and Rates WiFi Signals Around the World

May 23, 2014 at 11:16 AM | by | ()

Finding reliable WiFi while on the road is finally, hopefully as simple as opening up an app on your smartphone.

A handy new iPhone app helps users sniff out the fastest free wifi and 3G networks on the go. Rotten WiFi isn't just a tool to rate the performance of a signal; it's also a social network to warn potential network users of bad hotspots and redirect them to the best connections.

Whether you're in an airport, hotel, cafe, convention center or government building, you can easily find the fastest available free network and see what other visitors have said about it.

The app also uses a net promoter score for users to rate the connection on a scale from 1 to 10 and share their thoughts. For those networks that are not as fast or easily drop the connection, the score also assigns a fun little saying and sarcastic caricature for easy warning to future travelers and network providers.

We know that "sharing is caring," so venting your frustration once you get connected is vital to the success; post your ratings and more to Twitter, Facebook, G+, Foursquare, and even share via email. Once you've aired your grievances, the map function can direct tech users to the nearest and best network on which to connect, making great wifi easy to find in foreign cities.

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