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Watch Streaming Movies All the Way to Hawaii on United

May 22, 2014 at 6:19 AM | by | ()

It’s never been a better time to board with fully charged electronic doodads, as carriers have started to start streaming stuff like never before. United is the latest carrier to use WiFi to share much more than just the internet, as now they’re sending programming right to your device.

Things are limited at this point, but United just started testing things out on certain flights to and from Hawaii. They’re working with—or just paying—Panasonic to get things up and running, as the plan is to beam and stream around 150 shows and movies from servers aboard the plane to your tablet, phone, or other thing with a screen.

Boeing 777s seem to be the first to get this functionality installed, but after that things should slowly but surely expand elsewhere—assuming all goes well.

Stuff will be built right into the United app for those using Apple products, but Android users will need to fire up a browser window until their app upgrades are complete.

Content should change on a monthly basis, so hopefully you won’t be stuck with the same movies over and over again. Right now things are free, but United has already indicated that things can certainly change. We’d certainly expect that—especially from them—so enjoy the movies on your iPad (and Hawaii) for now.

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