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Behold the Fully Rebuilt Washington Monument

May 22, 2014 at 6:10 PM | by | ()

A little over a month ago we hooked you up with a contest to be one of the first people allowed back inside the reopened Washington Monument. We're going to assume that almost all of you - OK, all of you - either didn't register or didn't win. Maybe that's because you weren't planning to visit Washington DC or maybe you're just unlucky or maybe both, but in any case, you probably haven't had a chance to see the rehabilitated version of one of America's most recognizable things.

Let us help. Here's a link to the picture gallery that local blog DCist put up with relevant images. Even neater, there's a 80 second video embedded at the bottom that covers the entire 33 month effort to repair cracks after the last big earthquake.

Of course there's also a decent chance you're among the tens of millions of tourists who - for reasons genuinely passing understanding - will decide to visit the swamp that is Washington DC during this summer. In that case you should know, first, that you're making a terrible personal decision and, second, that the information on tickets and fees for the Washington Monument can be found here. Tours begin in the morning at 9:00am, and the last one leaves at 4:45pm. You can either order tickets in advance for a small fee or get to the Monument at 8:30am for the distribution of free tickets. No food, drink, or strollers are allowed, and they also ban guns, knives, and mace.

The first list has to do with keeping things tidy and moving. You'll understand why the second list was created within about 30 seconds of being out in the delightful sauna-like conditions that DC calls "summer weather."

No but seriously, DC summers are miserable. Just watch the video and look at the pretty pictures. Trust.

[Photo: EarthCam / YouTube]

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