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Why Air Canada's Boeing 787 Dreamliner Campaign Will Make You Misty-Eyed

May 20, 2014 at 5:15 PM | by | ()

Canada is psyched.

Why? Well, simply because they've finally received a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to call their very own—their first 787 landed in Toronto on Sunday, fresh from Boeing—and the campaign to promote it is one of the most endearing airline projects yet.

It begins with Air Canada's 787 slogan, "Everything You Dreamed Of," and continues to slick promises like, "All Jet. No Lag."

Beyond the snazzy photos of interiors and that icy blue livery, however, we're most in love with a touching video series introducing the aircraft with a sentimentality that's so delightfully Canadian.

Air Canada has 37 Dreamliners on order, and an incredible 15 of them will hit the skies come this autumn, with the full lot delivered by 2019.

In the above "Born to Fly" video, the experience of such a technologically advanced aircraft is paired with the journey of one Air Canada 787 First Officer to his spot in the right seat. With it, Air Canada is answering a question we always find ourselves asking those lucky enough to sit up front in a brand new airplane: "where did this passion of yours originate?"

Of course very few are fortunate to get one-on-one with a captain or first officer of a Boeing 787, and so Air Canada is offering this access to all via this series. Each brief video attaches the personal story of an Air Canada employee to that of the new airplane, and the tales are predictably inspiring, almost to the brink of putting a tear in your eye.

Air Canada's first new route to be flown by the 787 will be Toronto to Tokyo-Haneda from July 1. The first existing route to see the 787 will then be Toronto to Tel Aviv later in the summer. You'll have a chance to hop onboard even sooner, however; the Dreamliner will first be put through the paces on domestic routes, flying from Toronto to Nova Scotia and back this Friday, followed by an international cameo on the Toronto-Zurich route.

Here's the rest of the videos:

[Videos: Air Canada]

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