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Where to Ride the World’s First 'Hybrid Zero-Gravity Water Slide'

May 2, 2014 at 11:15 AM | by | ()

Now that May has finally arrived, our focus shifts to the warmth and sunshine of the late spring and summer, and that means plenty of waiting in line at both water parks and theme parks. There’s a great combination of both in Georgia, as this season the brand new Hurricane Harbor water park is debuting as part of your admission at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Expect plenty of the usual water park suspects like a wave pool—the one here will take up 38,000 square-feet of space and promises to do a pretty darn good job at simulating the ocean surf. Bonzai Pipelines is set up to allow you to slip and slide your way through winding curves, dark tunnels, and swirling bowls, and there’s even a spot for the kiddos to do their thing—Paradise Island.

That all sounds fine and dandy, but what we want to check out is what the park is calling the world’s first hybrid zero gravity water slide. Its name is Tsunami Surge, and the thing drops riders roughly five stories before spinning visitors around and around a 40 foot-wide bowl. Things finish off with a zero gravity plunge right out of the bottom, and they’re promising that you will kind of defy gravity—just make sure that bathing suit is securely fastened.

Tickets to the new Hurricane Harbor are all part of your day at the park, and online admission starts at $39.99; however, different days have different prices. Memorial Day Weekend is when the slipping and sliding debuts for the summer, so stock up on that sunscreen and get ready to go.

[Photo: Six Flags]

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