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Travel Snapshot: This Bridge Only Serves an Island's Eight-Legged Residents

May 19, 2014 at 11:40 AM | by | ()

Traveling around the globe to experience new and exciting places is one tried and true reason to hop on a plane. The resulting numb butt and bloodshot eyes are only a small price to pay to see something you couldn't see in your own backyard, and that's why this travel snapshot is so neat.

We came across the above bridge with little understanding of what it could be, but once we figured it out, the cleverness of its design and function were a "duh" shocker. Before we reveal the full details on where and what this is, here are a few clues:

· The country in which this photo was taken has more crustacean residents (43.7 million-ish) than people (2,100).
· The above overpass has a heavy traffic season right around November-December.
· With about 3 flights per week, this destination is not easy to reach but completely worth the trouble.
· Although very tropical, this location is a far departure from cocktails and infinity pools.


The structure above is designed to keep the crabs on Christmas Island safe during the annual migration. The red crabs head from the island's inland forests to the Indian Ocean to spawn, and need to traverse populated areas. Their numbers are so great and the protection around these animals equally so, that officials created a bridge specifically to keep the crabs out of the way of regular traffic on major roads.

In high season, the crabs are herded over the road via this bridge with 10-inch-high edges to keep them from deviating from the safest route. View it in action. We've told you that the island takes their crabs pretty seriously and this is but one more piece of proof.

[Photo: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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