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Lesser Known Islands of the USA: Fishers Island, NY

May 19, 2014 at 2:45 PM | by | ()

According to the calendar we’re just days away from the start of the summer season, and that means it’s time to turn our attention towards some great warm weather destinations. So get out on the water, wave goodbye to the mainland, and set you watch to island time.

What’s Fishers Island?

Looking at the map you might guess that it’s part of Connecticut, but Fishers Island belongs to New York as it does its thing on the eastern end of Long Island Sound. The island is about nine miles long and just a mile across, and is a great escape for those in and around the region.

How To Get There

The Fishers Island Ferry will be more than happy to take you a few miles offshore, as the operation does its thing to and from New London, Connecticut. Peak rates just started, so you can expect to shell out $25 per person, round-trip. If you need to bring your car it’s a good idea to get reservation well in advance, and it will set you back at least $51. Things run a few times each and every day, but just be sure to catch the last ferry of the weekend—it heads back at 7pm on Sunday.

What to Do

Hitting the waves, the sand, and the shore are certainly great options, but since Fishers Island is a little less known that other islands in the region—relaxing is always a great thing to add to the travel to-do list. Don’t expect a charming seaside village with t-shirt shops and souvenirs, but that’s probably part of its charm. Bringing your bike is a good idea to help you get around, but a visit to Fishers Island Bike Shop can rent you one as well.

Where to Stay

Renting a house is probably your best option if you’re looking for an extended stay. However, if you just want to visit for the evening there’s always the Pequot Inn. It’s the best option because it’s the only option, but even figuring out if it’s open or not is often a challenge.

Who Goes There

For the most part Fishers Island belongs to those comfortable with cash and looking to escape for the weekend or the season. Private clubs are where the elite meet to greet, and unless you know someone you’re not getting in to check things out for yourself.

Where to Eat

Like we said earlier the place is an attraction in itself, so just arriving on the island is probably the biggest accomplishment to be had. Packing a picnic or some other good eats from the mainland is probably a good idea. Try Toppers Ice Cream for a sweet treat—they’ve been scooping things up for over 20 years. There’s also Village Market for a quick bite or beverage or News Café.

What Else

The bottom line is that this place is lesser known for a reason, and isn’t necessarily as welcoming or accommodating when compared to other spots like Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, or Nantucket. However, to us, that’s part of the appeal. Just be sure to get a sticker for your car, bike, or water bottle—as you’ll need the documentation to prove you visited.

[Photo: Wikimedia and Boston Public Library]

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