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How Come Flights Leaving the US Rarely Offer Newspapers on the Jetway?

May 19, 2014 at 9:56 AM | by | ()

Those who have flown internationally have probably noticed the tendency for airlines to offer complimentary newspapers on the Jetway. Passengers are free to grab a paper or an occasional magazine on the way into the plane. Even thought the offerings are local print and not always in our language, we love the concept, and it seems like everyone else does, too, as we notice almost all passengers avail themselves of the freebie.

Despite its frequency abroad, we almost never see this service in the States. Sometimes, we even notice that airlines that typically hand them out abroad, such as SAS, don't offer them when departing from America. Why is that?

This is purely an observation for us, but a thought on how airlines might be able to improve their service at a cheap cost nonetheless. It seems like a good fit for all parties, including a newspaper industry that struggles to reach eyeballs in the digital world. We're thinking they might be willing to offer airlines a quantity discount in exchange for the ground they would gain with advertisers as a result of the circulation increase, no? Or perhaps this extra is being cut as airlines invest more money into in-flight entertainment upgrades?

If anyone has any idea on why the U.S. has not taken this up, do let us know in the comments below.

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I remember seeing Emirates out of JFK having Newspapers on Jetway. Not sure if they do now. I am assuming Cost is one of the big factor for not giving Newspapers.