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Google Glass Gets a Bunch of New Travel Apps, But Does Anyone Care?

May 15, 2014 at 5:46 PM | by | ()

About a year ago we explained why Google Glass - the augmented reality craze beloved by the kinds of people who stride through airports with Bluetooth pieces in their ears - will never become a must-have travel accessory. Without belaboring the details, there are a few places e'd like to have a head-mounted camera but aren't allowed (museums, casinos, etc) and lots of places where we're allowed but don't need one (most everywhere else).

Then a couple months ago we learned that Glass had invaded airport lounges, and that Virgin Atlantic was beaming information right into its staffers' eyes. We noted that there was kind of gee-whiz factor to the whole thing, but we still didn't see why it was necessarily better than just using Google. But now the Mountain View company has added some of the travel world's top apps to Glass, aaaaaaaaand... we still have no idea why this crap needs to shoved in our face rather than having the information live on a phone.

The news started making the rounds late Wednesday that Foursquare, TripIt, and Open Table were now available in Glassware form.

The fanboys at Android Central evaluated the announcement and noted that "it isn't instantly clear how each one will fit into people's lives." No worries, though, because they added "it's great to see Google courting major developers to make apps for Glass".

The travel tech geeks at TNooz focused mostly on the TripIt app, explaining that "travellers will be able to get the latest information such as gate changes, flight delays and other journey information (car rental, hotel) to their devices at eye level." They didn't really explain why anyone would want that, before you ask.

Listen. We know wearable computing is the wave of the future. Intellectually, we know it. But we just don't see how it's going to help us travel yet. Venture capitalists have sketched out a bunch of niche scenarios, like having Glass guide travelers to their departure gates. But what if you're not a complete idiot, and can read signs?

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