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After Hours Attractions Arrive at Walt Disney World Just in Time for Summer

May 14, 2014 at 10:58 AM | by | ()

There’s more spots to spend those Disney dollars this season, as the theme parks in Florida are adding a couple new nighttime additions to the menu. That’s assuming that the usual opening hours aren’t enough for you, and that you haven’t returned to your hotel exhausted from the lines, the crowds, the children, and the fanny packs.

Over at Epcot they’re introducing something called Epcot After Hours Wind Down where visitors can enjoy a little extra fun after the park closes at around 9pm. Those willing to pay up $35 per person can enjoy wine pairings and tapas tastings across one of four of the different themed restaurants. This is in addition to your usual theme park admission, but it’s still not a bad idea—especially considering that booze is included.

If a little extra Epcot isn’t on the menu for your and your crew there’s always the new evening offerings over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here they’re launching something known as Harambe Nights. Things take place on Saturday nights in between early June and early August, as $119 gets you access to desserts, beverages, and other treats themed to the park’s offerings. There’s a theme park version presentation of The Lion King, and Disney is evening bringing in celebrities on certain nights to narrate the event.

Not that you needed anything else to pay for down at Walt Disney World, but if you have some extra money for Mickey in the piggy bank—these are just the latest offerings.

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Harambe Nights

Point of clarification: A celebrity narrator will appear at every Harambe Nights event, not just certain nights.

Despite the high price, I think that Harambe Nights has the potential for being a decent value. Theme park admission isn't required and parking is included. (Parking is normally $17, which is highway robbery as far as I'm concerned.) The concert portion will have a full orchestra and choir. A post-show "street party" with DJ accompanies the food.

When you compare that $119 with the cost of going to theatre for a Broadway show, the cost isn't so bad. For example, top-priced seats for the upcoming "Lion King" show on tour here in South Florida are $149.