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Google Maps to Pimp Your Ride with New Uber Integration

May 12, 2014 at 8:52 AM | by | ()

Grabbing a ride from the friendly folks over at Uber just got a little bit easier, as everyone’s favorite mapping software now includes integration with the rideshare service.

The latest update from Google Maps on your mobile device now supports Uber, and if you have the Uber app on your phone as well, Uber cars show up alongside the usual options (driving, public transportation, walking) when searching directions.

This feature is limited to certain cities but, should the option appear in your zone of the woods, you can check out the travel estimate with an Uber ride and schedule your pickup with just a click or a tap.

Sadly there’s no love for similar options, like the folks over at Lyft, but that’s not to say this couldn't change in future updates. For now we’ll just enjoy what we have thanks to Google Maps and Uber, and we’ll see how long it’s going to take to get a ride home this afternoon.

As an added bonus, Google Maps has also updated transit options and information about the best lane to be in when driving around, and improved the ability to save and review maps offline, —check out the full details of the upgrades straight from Google.

[Photo: Google Maps]

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