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What to Drink in Berlin (If You Don't Like Beer)

May 12, 2014 at 5:34 PM | by | ()

Drinking beer in Germany is an obvious must when traveling through the country, and it certainly doesn't take much convincing. Its brewing reputation and history speaks for itself, and because the production and ingredients are regulated by the government, the quality of beer being brewed is as good as it gets these days.

The Germans love it so much, they even offer ways ways to enjoy beer if you don't like beer, such as a Radler (beer mixed with lemonade) or an Alster (beer with soda) that takes some of the edge off the flavor. This weekend in Berlin, we discovered another variation on the traditional pint in the form of the Berliner Weisse, a sour wheat beer that is served with a drop of flavoring to help the medicine go down.

The two most common flavors added are raspberry and woodruff, the latter of which makes the beer turn green, as shown above. The flavors are very sweet and create a sweet-sour candy-esk combo, so be prepared to sip slowly. At only 3% alcohol, it's a safe play on hot afternoons at street-side cafes.

If you don't see it on the menu, feel free to ask for it specifically at any of Berlin's cafes, restaurants, or beer gardens.

[Photo: Will McGough]

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