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Spending Money at Singapore's Airport Just Got Much More Rewarding

Where: Singapore
April 9, 2014 at 9:37 AM | by | ()

We consider ourselves pretty darn familiar with things related to travel loyalty programs. From airlines to rental cars we know most of the ins and outs about points, miles, and free credits. However, we do need to hit the books and study up on one of the latest options, as airports getting in on the loyalty scene is certainly new to us.

Itís the airport awesomeness that is Singaporeís Changi Airport that is changing up their Changi Rewards Program. Membership is free, and youíll earn points for every dollar you spend.

Like most other loyalty programs, the folks at Changi have set up three levels: member, gold, platinum. Travelers can reach gold status by spending $4,000 within the year, and itís a platinum card if you throw down over $8,000 (which can be easily done if you're in the market for duty-free luxury goods). The program offers up coupons and what not during the year, and the deals and discounts get better as you climb the loyalty ladder.

Most appealing is that there are free flights to be had. Each time members spend $30 at the airport they're entered for a shot at some free airline tickets, and with three winners each and every week there's a decent chance to head somewhere good. Airport officials will be handing out over 140 pairs of tickets during the promotion, and there are 40 different destination cities that are options.

We already knew that Changi Airport was one of the very bestóhello, airport slidesóbut this is kind of just icing on the cake. Once again the international airports just put our domestic options to shame. Can you imagine LaGuardia setting up something like this to track your Hudson News purchases? Haónot happening.

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