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Southwest Airlines Gets with the Picture to Debut New Electronic Gate Displays

April 4, 2014 at 9:01 AM | by | ()

The average traveler is only going to glance at signage around a boarding gate a few times before heading out onto a flight. These signs flash information about connections, upgrades, reminders about rules and regulations, and where you might be on the standby list. Most airlines have had digital flatscreens for years and years, but that hasnít been the case for Southwest Airlines.

Things are finally changing, and it's all positive for departing passengers. Up first for installations and improvements is Chicago-Midway, as the new gate displays have already started to arrive at the airport.

Departure status and destination information are just some of the items that will be distributed out to flyers hanging around the gate area prior to boarding, but you could probably have guessed that without us explaining it. These are hardly cutting edge changes; however, what make things unique to us is that these are new for Southwest Airlines. Itís kind of surprising when you realize that they have not had anything like this for quite some time.

Anyway it sounds like this is all part of an effort to boost their on-time performance and what not, so they must think keeping everyone in the loop about whatís going on is a good idea. So keep an eye on these during your next flight with Southwest Airlines, and bid a farewell to those old manual destination and flight number displays behind the gate agent.

[Photo: Southwest Airlines]

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